The Dave will do it team

Dave Evans

Owner, and the original Dave will do it

Dave was destined to be a handyman. As a child, Dave was his father’s right-hand-man, helping him build a large portion of their house and spending hours working with him in the shed on the myriad of carvings, carpentry and other pursuits he turned his hands to.

After spending 20 plus years of his working life in sales and customer service in the electrical industry, Dave had an epiphany on Boxing Day of 2006 and declared “I want to start my own handyman business”.

In 2007 Dave will do it was born. The business has thrived – thanks to hard work and a great work ethic – and he has grown his business to a ‘household name’ in the local area.

Dave is known for his knack of understanding his client’s needs and responding to them providing a solution that consistently exceeds their expectation. A major source of business is customer referrals and repeat business; testament to his service, quality and reliability.

Steve Evans

Why have one when you can have two? Steve is Dave’s brother and has, in his own right, been a handyman in the north for several years. When things got really busy and Dave needed another pair of hands, who better to call on than another Evans?

Steve’s got the same attention to detail, work ethic and ingenuity as Dave, but also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in landscaping and irrigation. He also holds a builders licence, so there’s not much they can’t do.